Explanation of flooring color and tones difference explanation in same reference.

Nature possesses its beauty in imperfection, because just like a unique and priceless piece of art, each element of nature is unique, unrepeatable.

This unique and unbeatable beauty is present in natural wood, since its curves, knots and free strokes remind us of the best of artists, the mother earth.

At Prestige Flooring we have been inspired by nature, which is why now all our flooring lines preserve the unique beauty of natural wood, thus making each piece as original as possible, copying those curves, knots, traces and colors that nature has put into its creation.

That is why, in our products of the same reference and color, you will be able to find a piece that may have a different shade from the next, another that may be darker or lighter, perhaps one with hints of another color or with knots and scars, typical of natural wood, characteristics that can never be understood as “product imperfections”, because those characteristics are part of the original design, which perfectly copies those details of natural wood.

In this way, you will be able to capture the beauty of genuine wood and create a sensational and luxurious interior design concept, true to nature.

Some characteristics may change, depending on the reference or under special request.

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