Mortar level correction for installations between floating laminate flooring and fixed floors

Sometimes it may occur that the level of the mortar does not match with the final level of the floating flooring, once it is already installed, which could be solved by correcting the level that is higher.

Case 1: When the difference is a few millimeters, if the side of the mortar on the lowest floor is that of the floating flooring, it can be raised with a “filling of glue” until it obtains the same level of the fixed floor (porcelain or ceramic) already installed. The glue must extend for at least 1 meter from the start of the elevation at 0 to the end of the elevation at the desired measurement.

Example of 2mm positive difference:

Case 2: When the difference is also a few millimeters, and the floating flooring is higher than the fixed floor, the mortar must be “filed” to lower its level to the desired point, in such a way that both levels (that of the floating flooring and fixed) once they are fully installed, they reach the same level. Mortar filing should extend for at least 1 meter from the start of the negative slope at 0 to the end of the desired depth.

Example for 2mm negative difference:

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