Why are the joints between floating laminate floor boards visible?

Floating floorings, like laminated flooring or laminate wood, are made up of pieces or boards joined together, through a crossed tongue-and-groove system, known as a click system. Each of these boards could have an approximate size of 1.20 meters long by 20 centimeters wide (can be more or less).

The nature of the floating flooring installation is individual pieces that are joined together. It will then inevitably be that there are joints between the boards that make up that installation.

These joints between board and board will be visible (as a thin line), and these joints will be easily appreciated, even felt, because as stated above, they are physical joints between independent boards, which are limited between them by their edges.

If the idea is that these unions between boards are not perceived, a poured flooring is required, or use a non-edge flooring, such as vinyl flooring in roll, which can have a width close to 2 meters, obtaining thus an almost edgesless surface.

To minimize the visualization of joints between floating flooring boards, we recommend periodic cleaning, based on the factory recommendations for each type of flooring.

For cleaning the floating flooring, we particularly recommend a product called BINNER “removedor de ceras y sellantes” (SWAX AND SEALANT REMOVER), which is easily obtained in retails and specialized stores. Please follow the instructions on the packaging of this product.

Any other laminate flooring cleaner could also be useful, but you must make sure that it does not contain wax or oils within its components.

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